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Arterial Blood Gas Pro

Разработчик Kephalian

Why should you choose "Arterial Blood Gas Pro"?• Simple and very easy to use.• There are three main features (basic ABG, advanced ABG, and normal value).• The interpretations are easy to understand.• Useful for the health professional in a clinical setting.• It is totally free. Download now!"Arterial Blood Gas Pro" is designed to help the health professional, such as doctor, nurse, or medical student to analyze the result of arterial blood gas (ABG). Arterial blood gas (ABG) is usually used in assessing acid-base homeostasis. "Arterial Blood Gas Pro" will determine if there is any acidosis or alkalosis, respiratory or metabolic origin, expected compensation, anion gap, and other mixed disorders.
"Arterial Blood Gas Pro" have three main features, namely basic ABG feature, advanced ABG feature, and normal value. In basic ABG feature, a user can determine the disorder with only pH, PaCO2, and HCO3. While in advanced ABG feature, this application will also calculate expected PaCO2, expected HCO3, and anion gap depends on the main disorder. The normal value of several parameters in arterial blood gas (ABG) is also provided. The interpretation of arterial blood gas (ABG) result in "Arterial Blood Gas Pro" is easy to understand.
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